VELP S30100210 DKL20 Digester System 230V/50-60Hz

  • DKL20 Digester System 230V/50-60Hz
  • Model : S30100210
  • Code :

  • Brand : VELP

High Technology

  • Microprocessor control of precise block temperature
  • Real time display of process steps
  • 54 programs (30 pre-installed, 24 customizable)

Automated Operation

  • Calibration automatic for top precision & repeatability
  • No hands lowering and lifting of test tubes
  • Auto separation of manifold from the rack

Outstanding Reliability

  • Aluminum block for absolute temperature homogeneity
  • Unmatched conductivity for fast response up to 450 °C
  • Conforms to Good Laboratory Practice standard
  • Premium quality consumables

Practical Functionality

  • LCD display for immediate understanding
  • Up to 6 languages available from a wide selection
  • All necessary items supplied in one package
  • Very small footprint

Optimized Selection

  • Choice of models for different workloads
    DKL 20 (20-position with 250/400 ml tubes, Ø 42 mm)
  • Incorporates TEMS™ technology*

    *Saving Time, Energy, Money & Space


For application where the digestion process produces fumes, acid gases or corrosive substances, the below specific accessories are strongly recommended:

  • JP Pump aspirates noxious fumes
  • SMS Scrubber neutralizes all the fumes (for safety)
    Two JP Pumps are recommended when using DKL 42/26
  • Special Application: DKL 20 can be used also for testing Chemical Oxygen Demand
    Its lift automatically manages all the glass required for processing 20 samples simultaneously


Construction material:

Stainless steel with chemical resistant coating


DKL 20 20-position for 250 ml test tubes (Ø 42 mm)

Set temperature:

Digital readout in °C or °F or K


Digital readout

Selectable language:

UK, I, E, F, RUS, CN + Additional Customizable (downloadable)


DKL 20 2300 W


DKL 20 30.8 kg (68.0 lb)

Dimensions (WxHxD):

DKL 20 322x690x584 mm (12.7x27.2x23.0 in)


Temperature range:

Ambient to 450 °C / 842 °F

Temperature Calibration:


Stability of the heating block temperature:

± 0,5 °C

Precision of the heating block temperature:

± 0,5 °C

Digestion time range:

1 to 999 minutes

Time selection:

1 minute steps

Program library:

54 methods: 30 pre-installed + 24 user-programmable

Selectable ramps:

4 ramps per program




Damaged temperature probe:

Automatic detection and alarm message

Lift movement:

Visual/acustic signal

Hot surface:

Visual signal (if T>50 °C)